The Weird Allergies You Really Don’t Want

Have you ever suffered an allergic reaction? If you have then you know that it is no fun. In fact, it is can be potentially life threatening. What you might not know is that the world is filled with weird allergies you really don’t want.

Water Allergy

Weird Allergies You Really Don’t Want

How would you like being allergic to water? Sure, at first it might seem like a bit of fun at first. But, you would soon realize that this is a terrible allergy that makes life incredibly difficult. The technical term for this weird allergy is aquangenic urticaria. It is so rare that only 1 person out of 23 million has it. The skin breaks out in spots or hives whenever it comes into contact with water.

Shoe Allergy

Unusual Allergies

If you want the proper name for this condition, I’m just going to come right out and say shoe contact dermatitis. This weird allergy means that as soon as the sufferer puts on any form of footwear their feet swell up or break out in hives. The reaction is caused by a certain type of resin used in shoe making. Sufferers have to wear brands that don’t use this resin.

Fish Bait Allergy

Weird Allergies

Fishing is meant to be a relaxing and enjoyable sort of pastime, at least for the person involved. However, one guy discovered that he was breaking out in rashes every time he went fishing. It was eventually revealed that it was the larvae in the fish bait that he was allergic to. The good news is that it is a heck of a lot easier to keep away from fish bait than it is to steer clear of water and shoes.

Beanbag Allergy

Weird Beanbag Allergy

A report from a few years ago told of how a young boy suffered a reaction after playing on a beanbag. It sounds like a bizarre and frankly unlikely type of allergy but there was a relatively simple explanation for it. It seems that many people are allergic to soybeans and this was the case with this boy. The beanbag was made out of soybeans. The dust from them caused his reaction.

Cell Phone Allergy

Unusual Allergies

Have you ever had a red and itchy face after speaking on your cell phone for a while? If you have then you probably have what is known as cell phone allergy. In truth, this allergy is due to the nickel used in these phones and is really a nickel allergy. Nickel allergy is surprisingly common, especially in women. This same allergy can also make it difficult to handle coins.

Exercise Allergy

Weird Allergies

Maybe you aren’t just a lazy slob after all. It could be that you are allergic to exercise. It appears that about a thousand people in the world have a condition known as exercise induced anaphylaxis (EIA). This can cause a severe and very worrying allergic reaction after working out. It is believed to be made worse when the sufferer eats certain types of food before they exercise. The more serious symptoms include falling unconscious and having the throat swell up.

Apple and Birch Tree Allergy

Weird Apple and Birch Tree Allergy

Probably the weirdest allergy of all on our list belongs to unlucky Grace Morley from Ireland. You see, she can eat apples without any problems and she can also be near birth trees without any sort of reaction. However, if she tries to eat one of those tempting fruits next to one of those lovely trees she goes into shock and her life is in danger.

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