Brush Your Teeth With…Food? Weird Flavored Toothpaste To Try. Or Not

You know how we love to try new things and experience with flavors, tastes, scents and unique and strange products, right? Well, if so far we traveled the world in the search for food – flavored ice creams, which could make sense if you are a bacon addict or an oyster lover, and we managed to leave everybody in shock and awe with our odd perfumes, of course we jumped the ceiling when we heard about the new toothpaste that tastes like…chocolate.

Call us old school, but we grew up with this crazy idea that refreshing your breath with minty toothpaste was the reasonable thing to do. Apparently, some people skipped this ancient belief and started using food (or whatever) flavored tooth paste. We can understand chocolate and bacon addiction, but having your breath smell like… pickles…? Well, this is the story of today. Let’s see some very weird flavored toothpaste to try if you really want to end up being forever alone special.

1. Mint Chocolate Crest Be

This one comes from giant Procter & Gamble Co. and is already a huge hit, at least in the press, as everybody talks about the new Crest flavors, including chocolate, lime spearmint and vanilla mint. So the “mint” is still here, only the concept was taken a step forward. When you come to think about it, it is quite boring to have the same minty taste in your mouth every morning and evening, day after day, years after years. A change in flavor may be welcomed and, as the P&G representatives say, this one offers

foundational benefits needed for oral health including cavity protection, cleaning, fresh breath and whitening.

So a bad or a good idea, thing is people will love it, especially after the free media publicity it got in the last few days.

2. BACON Flavored Toothpaste

With as much as $8,00, you can purchase a Bacon Flavored toothpaste from Amazon as a gag gift and a means to keep your bacon addicted friends in check. It is humorously marketed as a gag gift and it does have some positive reviews, although a “bacon fresh breath” can ensure you are going to be dateless for many years to come if you choose to replace your dull minty paste with this one.

3. Bourbon Whiskey Flavored Toothpaste

This one comes along with a sister, the Scotch Whiskey Flavored Toothpaste, both belonging to Poynter Products. Now there are people out there, no matter their age, who would desperately brush their teeth with some highly concentrated minty paste, just so their alcoholic breath is not noticed by vigilant spouses or parents, co-workers or even cops. There are people who would chew mint gum until their eyes pop out of their heads, only to make the bourbon scented breath disappear. And there you have alcohol flavored toothpaste. So you could smell probably like a tavern, if you happen to be a smoker too. It is a refreshing morning – after pick up. Or so they say. So it means you can’t open your eyes in the morning without a strong shot and the toothpaste will feed your habit and ease the withdrawal symptoms. Awesome! Oh, Neiman-Marcus seems to continue Poynter’s legacy.

4. Irish Cream or Espresso?

If you are talking about morning refreshments and avoiding withdrawal symptoms, now coffee flavored toothpaste we can understand. Among all the weird flavored toothpaste to try, this one, in the morning, makes the most sense. This one is said to be manufactured and distributed by Neiman-Marcus, together with other seemingly delicious coffee variant toothpaste and if it would contain caffeine in it, it would be any coffee junkie’s dream came true.

5. Kill that breath!

The list doesn’t stop here: we have pickles flavored toothpaste, if your morning hangover is stubborn enough to beat the coffee toothpaste. What’s not to love about it? Seriously, it doesn’t even need publicity. This one sells by itself. Goes great with bacon, maybe you can combine them somehow.

You can also find candy flavored toothpaste (for those kids whose dentists told them not to binge on sweets) and a lot more, ranging from food, to drinks, to cakes. Would you dare? Would you buy one of these weird flavored toothpaste to try?

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