4 Weird Food Flavored Ice – Creams Around the World

While it’s not summer yet, most of us still enjoy a rich flavored ice-cream from time to time, dreaming of the upcoming warm sunny days when the cold creamy dessert will once again rule over all our sweets options. Most of us, however, are used to and prefer some old fashioned, classic ice – cream flavors, from chocolate, to pistachios, from tantalizing vanilla, to refreshing forest fruits, sometimes topped with whip cream, caramel sauce and sprinkles of any kind. However, there are some folks who in the last years became addicted to new flavors, as the imagination of ice – cream makers seems to know no limits – flavors that very well mimic food or entire dinner feasts. There are at least four weird ice – cream types that taste like food and the puzzling fact about them is that they record an enormous success.

Perhaps this is not such a bad idea, no matter how odd it seems (after having a steak to have a pizza flavored ice – cream, for instance). Imagine you are dieting hard and french fries, pasta or juicy tenderloins are out of the question. But you are craving and secretly dreaming of fat burgers, oversize pizza slices and rivers of chocolate. What can you do to satisfy your nerve – shattering cravings and still follow your dietary plan? Instead of sneaking to the fridge and devastate it, you get yourself a nice food – flavored ice – cream without feeling too much guilt, as even weird food flavored ice – creams have less calories than a real hotdog. So let’s see together 4 weird food flavored ice – creams and pick our poison for the summer or for dieting in any season.

1. Lobster ice – cream, U.S.A.

lobster ice cream

So you feel like eating lobster, but let’s face it, this isn’t something everybody affords to have on a weekly basis. But to satisfy your craving, you can go to Bar Harbor, Maine, and have Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium signature lobster ice – cream, a creamy dreamy delight that has little to do with chocolate, but a lot with luxury sea – food.

2. Foie Gras ice – cream, France

foie gras ice cream

Ah, the French. These culinary arts masters that aim to surprise and tease foodies everywhere with their magnificent creations. If you had real French foie gras and loved every bite, fret no more, as ice – cream artisan Philippe Faur managed the impossible: give ice – cream the foie gras taste it deserved. Among the most weird food flavored ice – creams ever, this one is a signature dessert dating back to 2005. It is quite popular and if you ever want to try it, go for the original.

3. Spaghetti and Cheese Ice Cream, Venezuela

Spaghetti and Cheese Ice Cream

Now if you happen to visit Venezuela, you should know that you can actually taste spaghetti and cheese ice – cream at the Heladeria Coromoto, home of the world’s most weird food flavored ice creams. Spaghetti and cheese is perhaps the most mundane choice of all, as you can also have tuna ice – cream, ham and cheese, chicken and rice, steak and so on. Your taste-buds will explode in pleasure, while your calories count will still stay on the charts. What can be more brilliant than that? There are around 900 different weird food flavored ice – creams in that place and you can be the most peckish of people, it’s impossible not to find something to your liking.

4. Oyster ice – cream, Japan

oyster ice cream

By the looks of it, people seem to get very fond of sea – food flavored ice – cream and where else to go for the powerful oyster taste, if not Japan? Namja Town, to be exact, a place where oysters are not the only dish to inspire ice – cream, but are certainly the most popular. In Namja Town you can also find beef tongue ice – cream and a lot of other interesting flavors, but the oyster type actually has small bits and chunks of oysters in the ice – cream. Wow! Have a lemon with you, just in case.

Don’t believe peoples’ creativity stopped here. When it comes to weird food flavored ice – cream, you can have tens of other choices, depending on your soft – spots and cravings. From raw horse flesh flavored ice – cream (this one can make any human’s skin crawl at the idea) to goat cheese ice – cream, the possibilities seem endless, exciting, downright odd and even funny. But they are popular indeed and some places actually turned the cities they’re in into touristic hot – spots.

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