The Weird Hobbies You Won’t Believe

We all need to find something to do in order to pass the spare hours in each day, don’t we? Some people have decided that one of the following weird hobbies is right for them.

Collecting Aeroplane Sick Bags

Weird Hobbies

I’m usually just happy to get to the end of the flight without having barfed into the sick bag, to be honest. I have never seriously considered taking the thing home as a memento. Other people do this. There’s even an online museum and travelling exhibitions dedicated to this weird hobby. If you like, you can also buy a poster featuring lots of different sick bags.

Extreme Ironing

Unbelievable Hobbies

Is extreme ironing a hobby, an art or a sport? I don’t really care but I am just a little worried that an extreme ironer might take offence with what I right, scale the walls of my house and smack me on the head with a Philips SteamGlide 5000. This activity is inexplicably popular all over the world and has led to a lot of international competitions. People have ironed clothes in canoes, while skiing and on top of mountains in their pursuit of whatever it is they hope to achieve by doing this.

Collecting Milk Bottles

Weird Hobbies

I don’t know about you but I get very worried when someone tells me that they collect weird stuff. It just isn’t natural to want to hoard thousands of examples of the same thing. Try telling that to Paul Luke, though. His calcium rich weird hobby involves collecting milk bottles. He has more than 10,000 of them, which is strangely impressive. Seemingly it is a fairly common hobby, at least among mentally unstable dairy product freaks with a lot of time on their hands and a big house.


Unbelievable Hobbies

Oh dear! Did you have a feeling I would mention this dreaded subject? Trainspotting involves what you think it does and is duller than you can possibly imagine. The people who do this can spend huge chunks of their lives trying to see a certain elusive type of engine or carriage. Not only is it one of the weirdest hobbies around, it must also be one of the most boring and utterly pointless.

Making Sneaky TV Appearances

Weird Hobbies

Paul Yarrow is a man with a secret. He gets his kicks from appearing in the background on TV news shows or programmes. You’ve probably seen him at some point. So far he has appeared on the TV over 100 times.

Toy Travelling

Weird Hobbies

I have to let my head droop in shame now, as I confess that I once did this. I once took a little toy dog (he was called Benny if that helps set the scene for you) to Paris. Oh, how I laughed as I snapped pictures of him under the Eiffel Tower, wearing a beret and carrying a baguette. Actually, other people are even weirder than me. They go online to find a traveller who will take their toy away on a trip with them. Why?

Tape Art

Weird Hobbies

Do you remember music cassettes? Come on now, don’t lie. I used to love sitting in my room and listening to the songs on these antiquated pieces of crap. It was even better on the rare occasions when the magnetic tape didn’t come spewing out and get all tangled up in the cassette machine. Well, now these cassettes have spawned a weird hobby. People pull out the magnetic tape and make it into a lifelike image of the singer on the cassette.

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