5 Weirdest Marriages in the World to Remind You of Your Sanity

You know Valentines’ Day is coming, and if you are going with the traditional flow, you will probably start searching for holidays’ specific cards (and we suggest the honesty – oriented ones we presented you with not such a long time ago), some shopping sprees and, of course, marriage proposals, as what can be more romantic that saying to the person you love that you want to spend the rest of your life in her or his company?

However, you also know that true love knows no boundaries and no limitations, and if you thought that gay marriage is the hottest subject in the press nowadays, maybe it’s time to remind everybody that stranger things had happen and people married lifeless objects and even pets.

So if you thought this world is stranger than fiction, you ain’t seen nothing yet. We will remind you of five of the weirdest marriages in the world, only to shake you up a bit, although we are certain that even more odd things take place as we speak. Some of these cases are already famous, but once in a while, it’s a good thing to restore the faith in ourselves, as no matter how bad we’re doing on Valentines’ Day, some people may find themselves in stranger situations.

1. Eija-Riitta Berliner-Mauer had her partner broken down. Literally

eija riitta berliner mauer

Of course you already know this lady’s story. But in case you missed it, here is the summary: Eija – Riita fell in love with the Berlin Wall when she was a child. She waited long enough before she could finally and officially get united with the object of her passion, and she actually married the wall. They had a lovely, happy marriage until 1989, when poor Berlin Wall was put to the ground and Eija – Riita was widowed of her husband. She keeps its pictures close to her heart.

2. Maria Griffin and her beloved truck

married a truck

It was 2011 when the news about Maria Griffin started circulating the Internet, bringing her fame and a historical mention on Listverse for marrying her truck. Men weren’t bringing her any satisfaction and she, like all women, just wanted somebody to love, to be loved by and to be happy forever after. She married her truck on a beautiful Valentines’ Day and reports say their sex life was described as being amazing

3. When fiction is better than real life


So you heard about this guy who married his beloved anime fictional character? Come on, it was on CNN, as it is one thing to marry a cat or the Eiffel Tower and a whole new level of emotion and loyalty when you marry a video game character. People collected posters back in the day, some own entire collectibles art galleries, some wear proudly a tattoo displaying such fascinating character, but marrying one? Now this is either the most brilliant idea to eradicate all boundaries when it comes to love, or the absolute proof that an anime character is better than a human girlfriend. Now that’s a thought to ponder upon…

4. What’s with women and snakes?

woman snake

OK, maybe the question sounds wrong, but seriously. If you were too young to read creepy news in 2006, then you should know that back in those times, a Hindu woman fell in love with a snake and decided to marry it. Now, if you ever considered tying the knot with your favorite pair of Manolos, well… other women fell for snakes. This one, in particular, also arranged a traditional wedding ceremony, attended by many people. The groom wasn’t present, for various and probably personal reasons, but there was a brass representation of it to go through the ceremonial. One of the weirdest marriages in the world, you have to admit, and perhaps not even the strangest of them all.

5. Marriage. Doggy style

man marries labrador

Whatever you’re thinking, don’t! It’s not like that! It is true that Joseph Guiso married his Labrador Retriever in 2010. It may have been a just for fun thing or a serious condition, but whatever you are thinking next, don’t. This is pure love we are talking about here and deep sentiments. That’s all.

Now, if you get very lonely on Valentines’ Day, these examples here are the best reminders that people did even stranger things in order to express their love and make their relationships official, so calling your ex in a moment of vulnerability may not be something to hate yourself for until time’s end. These five weirdest marriages in the world (among tens of others just as odd) can be a proof that true loves exists and some people did crazy stuff in the name of love.


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