What happened with Titanic from 1980?

rise-of-titanic The movie Raise of Titanic was already mentioned in a previous article about 10 movies you should avoid where it came out on 4th place. Hence its bad reputation, the movie got an interesting story about the ship that was used in the movie

rise-of-titanic-ship rise-of-titanic-model-2 rise-of-titanic-model

Raise of Titanic was released in the UK in December 1980 with a budget on $10.5 million. The major expense was on the highly detailed Titanic model ship. There has been put a lot of work into the 10 tons heavy ship so it could have the exact design for every scene in the movie, even under water.


The model has been around for several years, until today, but it is no longer the ship model it once was.

raise-of-titanic-wrack3 raise-of-titanic-wrack2 raise-of-titanic-wrack

Other objects that have gotten old and changed their shape, but in an artistic way, are these Nintendos and joysticks.


  1. You know, looking at its present state, it might be useful if a director wanted to make an “underwater” Titanic film.

  2. if any one like to here more about this model that you see here you could fine my posting on titanic research and modeling assocation about the TRMA, I AM LOOKING TO MAKE THE SAME TYPE OF MODEL BUT WITH A TWIST. if any one can fine me the full plans of the construction plans from the olympic this is lost after the ship went in to be refitted for as a red cross ship in the 1932?. no one knows where the ship plans went after it was dun in the docks in belfast.

  3. what crazy is the first picture shows smoke coming from all four stacks on the TITANIC , , when in fact on the “real” TITANIC the fourth stack was purely cosmetic. Competitors had four stacks on their liners, so White Star thought they needed four stacks, even if it wasn’t a practical necessity,

  4. You guys are nuts!

    The model is too dilapidated to be worth restoring. It would cost too much for any sane collector to rebuild it.

    Remember what was said at the beginning of the article — this thing weighed 10 tons intact! That’s 20,000 lbs. No way any dreamer can afford to have this model shipped home. Not that it’s worth it. It’s just too far gone and would be completely destroyed in most moving attempts.

    It has sat out in open air on a small island near a studio for over 30 years. It hasn’t been fixed up or painted except for a film about Britannic over a decade ago. It’s been rained on and exposed to salt water all those years.. It would probably snap into at least several large chunks if someone tried to move it now.

    You can see in the pictures that the funnels are almost all gone. Only one somewhat intact, and there are circular frame pieces and holders for the rest. The worst damage is the missing decks forward of the bridge and aft of the superstructure. All kinds of junk that’s unpleasant to think about has accumulated there.

    The hull structure is so compromised that the sides will eventually fall out or flatten like an accordion.

  5. 1.The model (or what’s left of it), is in Malta.
    2.The 4th smokestack was a funnel for auxiliary machinery & their ventilation = smoke and steam from the main machine room.That funnel exhausted also smoke but noticeably lesser than the other smokestacks.
    3.And yes it’s cheaper to fix the ship while it’s not too much damaged, like now, btw building a new model is too expensive just 4 nothing.

  6. Oh and if somebody has watched that picture, where the “Titanic” is sinking with the 4 smoking stacks, you might even see a garage-load of ice on the bow’s starboard side…
    I thought the iceberg had exploded ‘sigh’.

  7. You guys are idiots you can’t have that model what makes you think you could have it, you can see it yes, but not have it

  8. It would be better if for the titanic movie, they would use the same features the titanic and make it oh i dont know, BIGGER!. Atleast they didnt use the REAL titanic becuase that would have been creepy.

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