What a nice family statue

nicefamilystatue You might be shocked by this rude and naughty statue, but don’t draw any conclusions yet – just look at the statue from another angle.familystatueIf you like this optical illusion, this one will make you smile also – the end is here!


  1. I can’t see the top image because an ad covers it up and there’s no way to close the ad. Even if I click on it to view the site it’s advertising

  2. The adult with the hard on WOW so realistic, I have done outdoor statue modelling with a G string on covered on shiny metalic paint and when i saw the photos people took ( unable to put one up here) I realized why everyone was gawking at me and laughing especial the high school girls in large groups on excursion , my G string was all wet from the paint and the air and had clung to me like pray on paint so my “lunch box” was looking like I had nothing on , I seriously looked naked. it left nothing to the imagination.

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