When Fans Went Bonkers

Celebrities’ eccentricities (or all out craaaaaazy moments) are usually glanced over by society, because they, the celebrities, have special status. It is expected of them to be outside the norm.

Be it for good or for worse, you decide. And, of course, it depends from case to case, because there certainly are some celebrities out there who are wonderful human beings, involved in many humanitarian actions etc.

However, their aura of “everything goes” wild behavior sometimes rubs off on their fans. In other words, regular people. And at times like these it happens that they take it waaaaay further than common sense dictates things should be taken.

Whether it’s because these people feel fulfilled by idolizing others and displaying such a ferocious loyalty it baffles everyone else, or whether these excesses are just moments of mass temporary insanity, is hardly relevant. The fact is that there where times when fans went bonkers, and that is definitely not ok.

Of course, it must be underlined that the following stories clearly do not reflect on all of these celebrities’ fans . Just those that behaved inappropriately. You know who you are.

1. Offing yourself. NOT. Ok.

When fans went bonkers - One Direction's fans

The boy band One Direction is an English pop boy band that’s gained enough popularity since its foundation in 2010 to warrant a horde of teens clinging on their every word or deed. Which is why, when one of the members Zayn Malik left the band earlier this year fans took to social media in droves and threatened to commit suicide. Talk about having your priorities straight.

2. Offing someone else. Also. NOT. Ok.

The list of times when fans went bonkers includes those of Lady Gaga

When Lady Gaga had her feud with Kelly Osbourne, her fans jumped at the occasion of a good old fashioned mediAeval vendetta, including death threats. Yup, death threats.

The grievous offence that started all of this was something for which you’d totally expect such a reaction, right? I mean how could anyone tolerate their favorite star being called a “butterface”?! “That’s it, madame! I will have satisfaction! Meet me on the morrow out of town for an honourable duel to the death!!!”

It’s ok that you don’t know when the “offence” took place. Exactly. Not important. But if you must know, it was in 2013.

3. Ancient-style curses

One of the times when fans went bonkers involved those of Taylor Swift

You might not know this, but in ancient times, they used to curse people a lot. And in many states (like ancient Rome), this as legal and there were officials sanctioned to take care of this. Curses could have many shapes and functions and misfortune on your enemies and their progeny up to the umpteenth generation was just one of them.

Turns out in our days you don’t need help if you happen to be a celebrity with dedicated fans. Because when American DJ Diplo made some comments about Swift, her legion of followers promptly started wishing him well on social media. Along the lines of wishing that his children would be born with Down-syndrome, among other kind words.

4. Modern day weapons

When fans went bonkers - Justin Bieber's fans.

Possibly the most dangerous category of fans is that of fans who also happen to (apparently) skillful enough to perform some operations beyond the average person’s means. This cannot be overstated, because you have a pretty paradoxical combination of an individual who does display skills which require reason and yet, behaves in a clearly irrational manner. Spooky.

The case in question is that of Justin Bieber’s fans who took to hacking Esperanza Spalding’s Wikipedia page after she… won the Grammy for Best New Artist instead of Bieber. As if she was the one to “blame”. Not the people who voted her more than they did Bieber.

Anyway, blame doesn’t even apply to this context so let’s just move on to pointing out that what they did was a crime, as in they broke laws for a completely irrational reason.

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