When Icons Collide: 7 Pop Culture Hybrids from ThisIsWhyYoureOld.com

Doctor Who meets Doc Brown. (And then the universe imploded.)

These are the seven coolest pop culture icon hybrids we found on ThisIsWhyYoureOld.com, the website devoted to helping us see our own childhoods in a new light — whether you grew up in the 1970s, 80s or 90s.

Star Wars Meets Scooby Doo

Ralker rant a Roobie Rack!

As children we are bombarded with hundreds of thousands of brands and images through all sorts of media. Cartoon characters, comic book heroes, movie bad guys, beloved board games, even fast food brands: all of these images intermingle in these magical places called brains.

Mickey Mouse Meets Zombies

Ha Ha! Hi, braaains!

And that’s where the mixing and matching happens. The real freaks of creation emerge there. We lop the head off this one and stick it on that one, swap out arms for legs, and turn good guys into bad guys and vice versa.

Fantastic Four Meet Twister

Left foot China.

All in all, we make abominations of all the imaginary things artists and branding executives have so carefully formulated for our mass consumption.

Burger King Meets Lord of the Rings


And it only gets worse when we get older: all those imaginary worlds suddenly become subject to our own creative machinations.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Meet Pokémon

Squirrels in a half shell: Squirtle Power.

And if you’re especially talented and/or demented, you take every last comic book hero you ever encountered and squeeze them all together until you have created a singularity so dense that it threatens to consume the universe in its gravitational pull.

Batman Meets Punisher Meets Wolverine Meets Superman Meets Captain America Meets…Kool-Aid Guy?

Confused as a suburban white kid gone gangsta, except awesome.


For more creative twists on cool pop culture icons from the late 20th century visit http://thisiswhyyoureold.com.

Written and captioned by Will Conley. All images via ThisIsWhyYoureOld.com.

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