When a Mexican drug lord gets busted, this is what you’ll find

goldak47 What happens when a rich Mexican drug lord gets busted? Massive confiscation of golden pistols, machine guns, mansions and even wild animals of their private home zoo. That’s exactly what happened to these people, and this time…everything was taken away.

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  1. Yep, good point about the CIA sponsorship. That’s another source of revenue for them. When will people learn that the CIA controls everything, the drugs, crime, terrorism, weapons, war, all of it.

  2. Bush and the CIA. Why don’t people understand, man. Source of all evil the last 20 years.

  3. It’s all a show – the war on drugs has corrupted Mexico to the point where drug lords are invincible so long as they are alive. The only solution is for Mexico to legalize drugs fully and regulate their production and sale. That will be tricky without the participation of the US, because obviously all the drug money comes from US drug users.

  4. I am Mexican, and its very strange that you do not know who the big drug dealers in the USA are, its is not logical to think there are not billions made from this business to think that there is none of them over there, or that there are not big quantities being moved like in Mexico.

  5. Oh but…those guns were magnificent! I’d kill for just two or three of those incredible weapons! So clearly, karma does have a way of catching up with creeps like these guys…you certainly can’t feel sorry for them…can’t imagine going from a home like that to a Mexican prison cell though…and that high & mighty drug lord won’t be anyone special in prison, so he’ll certainly get what he deserves.

  6. Yah, legalize it, thats the only logical answer. And give it away. But make sure you deliver it to homes because if its free there would be long lineups and fights and more senseless violence when all we want is to get high high high!!! Free drugs means no more war, no more poverty, no more death. Yah!!!

  7. The CIA? George Bush? Wasn’t Barry Obama a coke dealer? Maybe that’s where the stimulus money went?

  8. Legalize drugs in the states = take away the monopoly on production and distribution from te criminals. We can fly to the moon but can’t tax drugs to do so……

  9. And there’s a saint craved in one of the guns (4th picture). A Christian criminal… =P~

  10. The CIA is incompetent. If we quit giving them unwarranted respect the mystique disappears and they can be more easily replaced. Drug laws create drug lords, just as Prohibition created Al Capone.

  11. “The CIA is incompetent” ????

    Let’s see. We haven’t had a terrorist attack in this country since 9/11, when (the big bad) Bush pulled all of the agencies together into the Homeland Security umbrella. Intelligence is better than ever. Although the situation is never perfect, we’re safer than we’ve ever been. Unless the head dolt Obama cuts the budget for intelligence. (Which would not suprise me)

    Grab one ear with one hand, the other ear with your other hand, and pull your head out of your butt. You obviously don’t have a clue.

  12. Hate to say it …but if you are buying any drugs and you don’t know where it comes from…then you are sponsoring this drug lord type directly out of your pocket!You are a financier for this stuff…

  13. Intelligence operations in the US are anything but. Every agency wants to protect its turf and not share. Ever since Hoover blackmailed his way to staying in charge of the FBI, this country has had a vacuum in intelligence gathering. We usually spy on the wrong people at the wrong time and ignore important info when we get it. Other countries have citizens who report things like unattended luggage in airports, immediately. We don’t even notice because we haven’t been involved in the carnage of other areas of the world. My heart aches for the innocent lives lost because of politics and bureaucratic wrangling. You don’t have a clue

  14. Let’s see,for the comment on Mexican prisons…drug lords do get special treatment.The prisons are corrupted,just like the police are.Money talks,bullshit walks.

  15. The guy sticking up for the CIA is fooled along with all the other right wing dip shits out there. Just because there hasn't been an attack doesn't mean Homeland Security is working. There hadn't been an attack in the 8 years prior to 9/11 so it would have appeared at the time to be working as well. Also, they didn't catch the guy in charge of it so the Bush/Cheney regime failed. Now the liberal wing nuts who think it is all a big conspiracy or that we don't need the CIA, Military, etc are much more off-base than the right wingers but just because you disagree with someone that is wrong, that doesn't make you correct. Just like the fact that since I am calling out a right winger, I am a leftie. That has been the grand strategy or Rove, Rush, Rummy, Dick and the other Neo-Cons. They have positioned themselves to be abhorred by the left, who are wrong. So they say since we are the opposite of this idiots who are wrong, we are therefore correct. The problem is it isn't linear. But don't tell a neo-con that. I bet this guy would call be a leftie, since I disagreed with him. God those neo-cons drive me crazy, they use the weakness and incompetence of the left to promote their self-serving fascist ideals. Don't believe me? Look at the recent actions of Rush and Dick. Rush says, I want Obama to fail, even though if somehow spending our way out of a economic downturn work for the first time in history, we would be better off. True it has never worked before but lets imagine it did, Rush wouldn't want it to work because it wouldn't have been his idea. Dick as well says, "Bush quit listening to me at the end" not so subtly implying that if W. would have listened to Dick we wouldn't be in this mess and he always correct. Well one thing I know, nobody is always correct and if you are only going to do things your way, you will be wrong a lot of the time. And I have tried to make it clear throughout but these people are stubborn, I don't support the Dems spending frenzy, I am not a leftie, I just know there are more than 2 options.

  16. I am Mexican, and its very strange that you do not know who the big drug dealers in the USA are, its is not logical to think there are not billions made from this business to think that there is none of them over there, or that there are not big quantities being moved like in Mexico.


    I understand that, and obviously people aren’t that naive, but look who got caught senior

  17. The bush administration has you fooled they were in office when 9/11 happened. To the idiot who said Bush has kept us protected is as dumb as Bush himself he uses that terrorism as a scare tactic as did McCain. Bush tried to raise terror alert levels in his second election. I am glad Obama is putting a end to that shit . Obama won quit crying. Now are country can get back on its feet.

  18. To the guy who said Bush has protected America, well there is a reason he is called Dubbya………Duh :)And i must say i loved those guns just like Romeo and Juliet

  19. I am sorry but there is nothing like the Colombian Drug lords what they had was 20 times more than what these guys have especially Pablo Escobar

  20. All of these son 0f bitches (drug lords) don’t deserve the attention. When they get caught or killed, the law should not give them a decent burial! they should throw the bastards to the dogs as dog food!

  21. wow, i love how everything turns into a shitfest on here. lol pretty cool stuff.

    Now, let’s all shut up. 🙂

  22. yes thats true and im the man behind it all i work with the cia im the biggest druglord in mexico this war will never stop and we will preveil

  23. It is funny to me that we can have 20,000 + drug related murders in Mexico last year alone, yet all of the idiots are hiding under their desks from Al Qaeda! Bush wanted to declare total amnesty for illegals and so does Obama!

    Wake up America! The government is the only terror threat! They are admittedly running drugs out of Mexico, Columbia, and Afghanistan!

  24. @ Isabella Actully they are so f’d up with the drug in Mexico that they created a Saint for drug dealers!Don’t confuse that with any real religion.

  25. you CIA kooks…And American haters. First off in Mexico only the police and army are legally to have ground NOT the populous….the Mexican Government are The corrupt ones here. 40 years of the Mexican Government fucking each other and now the cartels have taken over the FAIL STATE OF MEXICO…

  26. All those pictures are taken in a Hollywood Studio and the guns were props. Can’t anyone see on the box in the 4th photo it says “Property of San Diego Zoo” the animals are all on loan…

  27. hey what about we just cut north and south america off from the rest of the world and they can slowly die.

  28. i don’t know, i hardly believe the news and government anyway, it’s probably a bunch of pictures gathered together and made into a story.

  29. i think the U.S. needs to stop declaring war over seas and needs to declare war on the cartels in mexico. they are killing our citizens that are close to the boreder. then use the assets to fund the war on the cartels.

  30. steven you fool, the DEMAND IN THE USA is the problem! If there’s a demand, people will fill it, especially dirt-poor people like most of Mexico is. You want to kill all Mexicans? Well admit it if so, and if not, work out how the cartels are to be stopped – legalisation is nowhere more necessary than here. You cannot wage war on an idea, a desire or an economic necessity, you can only wage war on a people, and that means KILLING. This is why the war on terror and drugs are completel bullshit and WILL NOT WORK (time and evidence will tell, and there’s NONE of Osama’s body even if they did kill him, funny that…). Truth or death. Drugs are popular is a truth. People will take them if they can. Truth. You can’t stop them even after 80 years of prohibition, truth. People are being killed every day for them ONLY due to their illegality due to price-raising prohibition – TRUTH. What do you care about most – dictating to people what they can and can’t do when it doesn’t affect you, or whether people are being killed for a long-failed political policy that serves no-one worth serving.

  31. I know for some news in Mexico that the wild animals of the drug lords are used like in the ancient roman coliseum, and they eat alive federal agents that are kidnapped by the cartels. It seems that in some places we haven´t evolved enough.

  32. The drug lords will never be stopped because if America wanted to put the illegal drug lords out of business it would have been done a long time ago. It would very easy to put 100% of all the illegal drug lords from central and south America 100% out of business. All that has to be done is to let the Chinese government handle the problem. China would send 100 million soldiers into central and south america to round up everybody involved in the illegal drug business including all government officials and right down to the 5 year old children. Then after they are all caught they will all be eaten with rice and vegetables. The Chinese would probably eat 50 or so million people over a 10 year period. This would not only solve the terrible crime and corruption in central and south america but it would also be a great help to the failing economies of our southern neighbors. Whats the alternative, decades of vicious drug lords controlling central and south america with the plague of drug crimes spreading into America, with the drug lords getting stronger and stronger destroying the infrastructure of; south, central, and north america due to the economic strain of futile efforts to stop the relentless total evil of the lords of hell. The only way to defeat evil is to devour it completely. Then after evil is consumed it will no longer exist. So just let the Chinese kill and eat the dead. The Chinese already ate millions of the enemies that they killed under Mao so they know how to get the job done. Kill them and eat them. This kill and eat strategy is also a “Green Peace” thing because not only will the world be saved from the wrath and destruction of the drug lords and gangs, but the Chinese will be creating an organic farming boom to central and south america by using the feces from eating 50 million people as compost for the land where they kill the enemy. This is by far the most reasonable and humane way to make central and south america a shining example how thru proactive war techniques, an entire continent can be changes from a crime infested hell hole into a; safe, productive, and most of all Green economy. Also the Chinese must adhere to quick kill war methods. Round up the enemy and use a painless form of mass execution followed by eating the entire bodies of the dead. The part not eaten should be used as compost, no waste allowed. The entire campaign will be complete in 10 years. Then central and south america will so safe that vacationers from around the world could walk the streets day or night anywhere without the least bit of fear, for everywhere the prayers for the dead will be seen written on the; walls of buildings, and sidewalks, and churches, buildings, and the faces of millions of those killed and eaten will be on the sidewalks, and streets burned forever into the hearts and minds of those that remain in this; safe, Green, beautiful ,New World Order land where crime is not only a thing of the past but crime is the; trees, the flowers, the grass, the food, for the criminals have been killed and eaten and the excrement of those that killed the criminal has become the land.

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