White tiger who loves to eat his meal underwater

underwater-white-tigerThis large male white Bengal tiger named Odin simply loves to dive underwater to fish out meat. The 10ft long cat is living at the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Zoo in Vallejo, near San Francisco. While most big cats wouldn’t like to even be near water, Odin enjoys every second of it while the zoo visitors are watching him through glass walls and taking photos.

white-tiger-eats white-tiger tigerwaterwhite whitetigereats white-tiger-eating


His diving skill was discovered by his British trainer Lee Munro one day when a lump of meat fell into the pool and Odin gladly jumped after it. Sadly the Bengal white tiger is almost extinct, but you can find them at some zoos.

tiger-eating whiteunderwatertiger white-tiger-underwater Photos are made by Fernando Pinto. Odin is not the only one that is trying to impress his audience at the zoo; these white wales are blowing bubbles under water to entertain.


  1. The white tiger is BEAUTIFUL, they are such lovely wild animals, so tragic that they have to live in a zoo 🙁

  2. @Michelle

    She probably just means its tragic that they have to live in a Zoo b/c they are almost extinct, probably from habitat loss or something.

  3. “While most big cats wouldn’t like to even be near water”

    That is not quite true, it is common knowledge that tigers are the only felines who actually enjoy water to cool themselves off ^.^

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