White whales exhaling bubble rings to impress the audience

white whale (6) Beautiful Beluga whales at the aquarium AQUAS in Hamada, Tokyo are performing in an unusual but impressive way . They exhale bubble rings that look like white rings in the water. Beluga is Russian and means “white one”. These whales look a bit different then other whales with a small but stout body, a small blunt head with tiny eyes and one blowhole.

white whale white whale (5) white whale (4) white whale (3) white whale (2) white whale (1) Other water creature that look special is the ocean pig with hilarious smiley!


  1. What awful creatures humans can be. We're lucky enough to witness an amazing act of environmental control by a completely different species and all we can do is complain about one another's grammatical errors. We are the dumbest of all.

  2. What a waste to be appreciating looking at these tasty creatures when the Japanese could be stabbing them with pointy sticks instead and listening to their screams of anguish. Yummm, mercury!

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