Why We Absolutely Love Our Dogs- Gif Edition

Dog owners will know that the love you have for your dog is unparalleled. This small little creature that enters your life as a little ball of fur and sweetness, that pees everywhere in and around your house, on every conceivable surface and under every cushion suddenly becomes the reason for immense joy when coming home. Because when you see those sweet eyes filling up with joy that you’ve opened the door, you know that it was worth it to wash the sofas for the thousandth time. So here are some of the cutest moments that our dogs give us and the best reasons to love them for as long as we have the pleasure of having them in our lives:

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You can always count on your dog to assist you in any and all endeavors you may undergo. If and when you fail, they will try to repair the damage. When that also fails, they will try to make you laugh. And invariably succeed.


Going for a walk is their favorite time of day. It doesn’t matter if you walk ten times a day, the enthusiasm is constantly the same. Not to mention the beautiful routine that we create when walking our dogs. Great ideas don’t just come during the shower, but also during long and silly walks.


Our dogs are brave. Sometimes stupidly brave. And ridiculous. And their bravery brings them in doubtful situations where you, his owner, have no idea how exactly to save your dog from the predicament he has gotten himself in. Nevertheless, their bravery should not be overseen.


They also like to make new friends. No matter if they would or would have not met in normal circumstances.


These marvelous beings are also very supportive of their owners and their families. Crawling is for instance new to some family members, but he knows for a fact that he is the best crawler in the house. It’s therefore clear that he has become the teacher.


Learning new things can always become a funny moment. Meeting his shadow is such a moment. A dog will always have an innate curiosity but how he chooses to satisfy this curiosity can leave your belly hurting of laughter.


And speaking about new things, do you remember when your dog had his first contact with snow? My dog did something like this. The only difference is that I had to jump in after him because he wouldn’t come out anymore.


Our dogs could come to love football as much as we do. So watching the game could become a best-buddy type of situation. What is left now is to teach him how to open the fridge and bring a couple of cold ones over.


Do you remember when they were puppies? They would fall flat on their face, get stuck while climbing the stairs and be afraid of moving, or at times, fall into a bowl and forget how to get out. Whichever the situation, you loved him so much more for it.


Never forget that your dog sees you as a role model. So he will always try to pick up the best behaviors from you, and as his owner, you need to be considerate about the things you teach him. It is allowed, however, to also include a bit of nonsense here and there.


And if you decide to teach your dog to dance, be sure to also film him when he succeeds. Your friends will thank you for the laughs! 


These are only a few of the reasons why we love our dogs. Why do you love your dog? We would love to know! Stay tuned for more funny gifs!

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