The Worst Family Photos You Ever Saw

Getting a picture of your family is meant to be a very special thing to do. Yet, so often it can turn into the kind of nightmare that you aren’t allowed to ever forget. Here are some of the worst family photos ever.

The Dead Relative Photo

Worst Family Photos

Celestino Reyna is a Spanish grave digger who had a brilliant idea one day. Sadly, it wasn’t this day. He decided to help a friend get reunited with a dead relative by digging him up. The photo got sent round Whatsapp and our grave digging buddy got suspended from his job for, frankly, doing it all the wrong way round.

The Hairy Portrait Photo

Worst Family Photos

This is what happens when your entire family makes a pact with the devil to swap their shirts for long and luxurious hair. If all else fails they could cut off some of their locks and turn them into nice jumpers.

The Unhappy Family Photo

Worst Family Photos

You probably already know that the idea is to smile at the camera, don’t you? Sadly, this miserable family got it the wrong way round and thought that it was a good idea to look as unhappy as humanly possible. This worst family photo must have looked charming hanging on their living room wall.

The Star Trek Family Photo

Worst Family Photos

So, what is your family like? Well, we have this sort of hobby. You might call it a lifestyle. Jeez, let me just come out and admit that we are a bunch of freaking obsessed Trekkies. This photo we took a while back might help explain it and show that it’s a healthy and wholesome thing to do.

The Gun Toting Kids

Worst Family Photos

Any worst family photo that has the youngsters toting pieces of armoury is good by me. In the case of this jolly family, the kid with the glasses looks like he is already pretty comfortable with that thing. Having said that, it’s the little girl who terrifies me. She looks ready to ask some punk if they feel lucky today.

Just Another Hairy Family Photo

Worst Family Photos

Holy guacamole! There’s enough hair in this awful family portrait to stuff a large sofa with. Unless I’m very much mistaken, this photo is almost certainly from the 80s, when big hair and shoulder pads were seen as a sign of taste and discretion. The guy looks like he scalped David Lee Roth or a particularly bedraggled badger. As for the lady; I used to have a dog with hair like that and I still miss the old boy. The kid has been lucky enough to inherit a mixture of both his parents’ hairstyles in his genes.

The Matching Outfits Family Photo

Worst Family Photos

If I had a whole bunch of matching family outfits like this I would be keen to show them off to the whole wide world too. The father is pulling a nice Elvis gesture there, which gains him a few extra points too.

The Wild Dogs Family Photo

Worst Family Photos

The great thing about this photo is that the dude in the middle with the frozen smile doesn’t know that a couple of rabid dogs are about to launch into a vicious attack right in front of his face. The lesson we can all learn from this is that wearing a white turtle neck just ain’t cool. Even the dogs know that.

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