The Worst Fancy Dress Outfits Ever Worn

Have you ever gone to a fancy dress party in an outfit you weren’t entirely convinced to wear? Don’t worry. You couldn’t have looked anywhere near as bad as the people wearing the worst fancy dress outfits ever.

The Bad Simpsons Outfit

The Worst Fancy Dress Outfits Ever Worn

Good Lord, what have these people done to themselves? They have obviously taken a lot of time over their Simpsons outfits and put a lot of thought into them. However, they just look awful.

The Sponge Bob Jellyfish Character Outfit

The Worst Fancy Dress Outfits

This is a character from Sponge Bob who I think is a jellyfish. So how would you dress yourself up to look like a cartoon jellyfish? Err; you wouldn’t just put traffic cones on various parts of your body, would you?

The Weird Robocop Costume

The Worst Fancy Dress Outfits Ever Worn

Ah, back in the innocent days of 1987, Robocop offered us a scary glimpse into the cold, hard future. Personally, I was terrified that unhinged law enforcement androids would one day blow me away like a common perp. Thankfully, the bad fancy dress outfit we can see here is unlikely to give nightmares to anyone other than the person who wonders where all their oven trays have gone.

The Royal Wedding Costume

Worst Fancy Dress Outfits It is traditional for many runners in the London Marathon to wear some sort of strange fancy dress costume. The royal wedding was a bit of a theme this year but this one is just awful. I can’t imagine what it must be like to run 26 miles with a weird Kate dummy hanging off you and a frankly bizarre William mask on.

The Banana Outfit

The Worst Fancy Dress Outfits

So, you want to go down a storm at the office party, do you? Here’s a great way to get your bosses to notice you and think, “Now there’s a young man with taste, discretion and a sharp sense of humour.” Actually, correct me if I’m wrong here but few careers have been built on the back of dressing up as a vaguely obscene banana. Strange fruit costumes in general are best avoided.

The Ku Klux Klan Kostume

The Worst Fancy Dress Outfits Ever Worn

A mother really thought that it was a decent idea to send her kid out dressed up as a Ku Klux Klan member. To be honest, sticking a few traffic cones on him and making him look vaguely like a cartoon jellyfish would probably have been a better idea.

The Mental Patient Costume

The Worst Fancy Dress Outfits

Someone at the UK supermarket chain called Asda thought that it would be a smart move to sell a mental patient fancy dress costume. It seems that they genuinely didn’t expect people to be upset or offended by this. In the end, the public outcry meant that they had to stop selling it.

The Pingu Fancy Dress Outfit

Worst Fancy Dress OutfitsI used to love Pingu as a kid. Actually, there’s not much point in trying to fool you. I hated the weird little dude with the big flippers and the annoying lifestyle. However, if I could find a decent Pingu outfit then maybe I would like to dress up as him at some point. Hmm, it’s not going to be this outfit though, is it? It’s just utterly foolish and for me the icing in the cake is the bottle of detergent he seems to have strapped to his foot as a flipper.

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