Would You Wear Hooves And Guns On Your Feet?

If this is horrible or just another piece of bizarre art is something that we cannot decide yet. Horse lovers are definitely going to get goosebumps when see these shoe creations that draws lot of attention.

They are made by German artist Iris Schieferstein who has worked with dead animals for many years, and is using their raw material for her work. Her shoe line “Gun Hoofs” is made from horse hooves and guns, hence the name. The guns or pistols are used as heels, and the hooves are hollowed-out with zippers so it’s completely possible to actually wear them. Disturbing for some, fascinating for others. What do you think? While contemplating, you can take a look at some shoes made from something much less disturbing, like paper.


  1. these fuckers deserve to rot in hell. that is just terrible. who would want to wear something like that?

  2. this is disturbing and horrible. the maker and whoever would wear these inhumane things should rot in hell like Danny said. just downright wrong.

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