Xbox One – Now with an Added 1 TB of Storage

A new Xbox One is being released next week with a little bit of customized design and double the storage space, putting the responsibility on PlayStation and its manufacturer Sony to reply to this challenge. The back and forth match between these two giants of the gaming world has been going now for quite some years, and we all know that an improvement in the gadgets of one company automatically brings a firm response from the other. However, PlayStation lacks, at the moment, some minor options that could make it a better an even better device than its eternal rival, Xbox One.

An Xbox One playing console with 1 TB of on-board storage space will be released on July 16 in US, as Microsoft declared Wednesday. The console that will have twice the storage capacity of the past versions, will also display a matte shade across its top, rather than a half-glossy model that formerly contoured the console. The 1 TB Xbox One will get out of the customers’ pocket around $399. For a short time, Microsoft will also have Halo: The Master Chief Collection with its console. A 1 TB Xbox One was formerly only available as a part of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare included with it and sold last fall.


Microsoft also declared that an upgrade to its XBox One wi-fi operator is included in the console. The new edition, which will be delivered with all models of the Xbox One, comes with the 3.5 mm stereo system earphones slot – a noticeable omission from the past versions that have been released with the Xbox One. The inclusion indicates that customers can pick whatever headphones they would like to have with their console, rather than just those that can connect them into the Xbox One’s micro-USB slot.

The inclusion of 500 GB of storage space to the Xbox One is probably going to be well-received by the hardcore playing cohort that tries a multitude of games. In a world where game downloading is popular and even disc-based games are downloadable to the users’ hard disks, an extra 500 GB gets loaded up rather quickly. With 1 TB of additional space, players will have more room to store games that are several GB in size on their games consoles.

The release of the 1 TB console also indicates that the past version of Windows Xbox One, presenting 500 GB of storage space, is now less expensive. Microsoft said Wednesday that the 500 GB Xbox One will stay at $349 completely. The console has been sold at $349 as its “special” cost. Its formal cost was formerly set up at $399.

The moment of the statement might come as a shock, though a brief list on Amazon a couple of weeks ago provided a heads-up that changes were coming. New game consoles or inclusions in product lineups are usually told at the E3 Gaming Expo. The 2015 version of the event, one of the largest playing news of the season, is planned to be organized next weeks in Los Angeles.

By having this announce with just one week before E3, the company is shooting an early fire against Sony and its PlayStation 4 that is also said to be having a 1 TB version. This design is predicted to be released at E3 in the next show. Sony did not instantly react to a demand for its opinion about it.

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