You Won’t Believe These Weren’t Photoshopped

At a first glance, these pictures look like clever illusions that defy the laws of physics, and you might be surprised when we tell you that each and every of these photos are real and have not been digitally altered.   Let go of your skepticism long enough to give these a good look; you’ll find the explanation at the end of our post.

These mind-bending photos were made by Philippe Ramette, a French artist working in collaboration with a photographer named Marc Domage to create these incredible illusions that (metaphorically) give the finger to Newton’s law of gravity. A man walking on water or standing on a tree at a 90 degree angle are just some of Ramette’s amazing ideas brought to life with the help of  Domage.  This images are impressive, but how did they actually pull it off?

You’ll be surprised to learn that it only took couple of metal supports (carefully hidden from the spectators’ eyes) to enable the artist to get the needed body support and stand still in these acrobatic poses while the pictures were taken. To learn more about the creation of these fantastic photographs, check out Ramette’s Youtube video explaining the planning and development of these impressive images.

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